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SalesControl Overview

Polisis SalesControl 

Polisis SalesControl is an easy to use sales contact management system that is designed to fulfill the needs of any sized company.


Organize and track your company’s sales team activities 

Polisis SalesControl is a software system that operates on the internet, and allows you 24 hour surveillance of the communication that your sales personnel make with your clients. 

Each member of the sales team records the communication made with the company’s clientele in a simple and easy to fill out form. The form includes the purpose of the contact and the result obtained (success, failure, response transfer), as well as the comments of the sales person.   

Have a complete overview of your Teams Activities and Actions

Polisis SalesControl has a uniquely developed interface which allows all members of the Sales Team to be able to record all their activities and actions. The interface allows entries that include visits to existing clientele, new collaborations and sales, expected and pending responses, thus providing a complete overview of all activities at any time.

Data Entry – Anyplace, Anytime

Polisis SalesControl has been developed to be used on the internet. Therefore all the entries from the sales personnel can be made from anywhere at any time, liberating them from the “office hours” data entry. This allows managers to have immediate feedback on the results of appointments instantly and to be in control of their department’s progress all times.


Be in CONTROL- Report

With the use of SalesControl you will be able to develop, enhance and analyze in detail the historical outcomes and accurately develop strategic future operations. You will be able to enhance effectiveness, opportunities and analyze strengths and weaknesses. SalesControl, allows you to develop and comprise reports in seconds that can include a variety of factors, such as a complete overview of activities, reasons for not making the sale, product and topic statistics, report auditing, clientele item managing etc.  


Abundance of information

Polisis SalesControl in an instant can provide all the required information needed for each entry contact details that either the user or manager requires which includes, previous purchasing behavior, contact details, previous contact notes. The system contains a variety of filters that can be used to obtain the information needed. All information is readily available within an instant of request.


Statistics and Geographical Management

Polisis SalesControl allows you to be able to collect statistics that are related to each sales person performance, on a success of a geographical region, on a product review and a limitless amount of information that any manager would need at any time. 


Risk Free Operation

With the trial period that SalesControl offers you, you will be able to witness yourself its great functionality and the remarkable input it will provide to your business. Join Us Now.